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Simple Session is the first major event of the year and brings people from all over the world to a country that they would not normally visit, especially in winter. But whether you are at Saku Suurhalle or at the Hollywood club you will not notice how cold it is in Estonia!

With 150 riders from 30 countries is one of the most international events on the planet, with dozens of X games medalists, winners of the Dew Tour, world champions and winners of previous editions, with the addition of a sprinkle of the best local that as with F.I.S.E. will have the opportunity to ride with their idols

Needless to say that with so many riders the day of qualification was really long, but the level of riding has kept me engaged and active, I did not even realize that I shooted continuously for more than 12 hours!

The merit is also of the park designed by Nate Wessel (designer of X-Games), a huge park that combines design and transition typical of the Bmx park with rail and gap of street skate.

For the structure of the contest this year it was decided that even in qualifying each rider will have his two runs, with the score given on the overrun impression of the two runs together, no Jam then, to avoid the danger of clashes and injuries

At the skate qualifications I found our Ivan Federico who I saw after 10 years, from the CIS to the Wavepark of Mogliano to the Saku Arena in Tallinn he has done a lot of progress, today he is one of the most appreciated skater on the scene, with a unique style that I really like. 

In the afternoon arrived Kaine Mitchell, he’s an English rider that I think you will recognize from my previous reports. In my opinion Kaine has enormous potential, I was convinced that Simple Session was his first chance to shine in 2019, but unfortunately my bro got injured in practice the day before I arrived in Tallinn. As we speak I got to know that cat is already out of the bag, Kaine’s ankle is sore and swollen even though I got to know him and I know that he will clench his teeth and try to do everything possible, he is not a guy who stops lightly (go and check in which conditions he participated and won at NASS)

I am pleasantly surprised to see some girls, I fact for the first time ever here at Simple Session, there will be a separate contest Sunday: Sister Skate Session

While the riders practice I look for the best positions, in fact I will be allowed to enter the park only today, on tomorrows finals I will have to stay on the edge and I’m therefore forced to work early to look for some nice angle.

Late in the evening when we leave the arena I realize that I walked 9km going up and down 40 levels, the next day will require a long alarm and a de-tiring walk in Tallinn!

So in the morning I take the opportunity to go sightseeing for a couple of hours in the old city, on banks of the Baltic, then at lunchtime, taxi ride to get the equipment and back to the arena, today there are the finals!

The day starts with the girls, the young Japanese Sky Brown (Nike) takes home the victory, using the whole park with his air and his flip tricks. 10 years and already so much style, she puts behind the olders Keet Oldenbeuving NED (Meow) second and Ksenia Maricheva RUS (Union) third … getting caught by the nationalism I would say that I would have seen very well Asia Lanzi to represent Italy in this contest … if you think that too let the organizers of SS2020 know, maybe next year we will see her among the protagonists!

For Skate deserved victory for Liam Pace USA (Monster) with its speed lines, the eggplant on the extension of the giant quarter and a choreographic 540 on the Visit Estonia spine, silver for Greyson Fletcher USA (Element) in front of the winner of the FISE 2018 Joseph Garbaccio FRA (Jart) that this time must be content with the bronze.

In BMX Street won Felix Prangenberg GER (Wethepeople) with a lot of grind and ledge, silver for Matt Ray USA (Subrosa) who maybe was penalized a bit for too many park tricks, and Justin Spriet USA (Fit Bike Co) bronze.

Johnny Raekes USA (Fiend BMX) won the BMX Street Best Trick, with a tooth hanger over pegs hard 180 crankflip.

In BMX park the scene was completely dominated by Boyd Hilder AUS (Federal), deserved Gold with absurd tricks like bar-scaffolding (4m high) -bar and an impressive one hander cannonball, protagonist of a photo I’m proud of ;).

Second the everlasting Daniel Dhers VEN (Red Bull) and third Kenneth Tencio CRI (Red Bull) who also won the Pumped BMX Pro BMX Park Best Trick contest with its flair drop-in transfer.

Alex Hiam AUS (Colony BMX) wins Epic Estonia Trip best trick prize with a tailwhip to footjam tailwhip over fakie on the Visit Estonia spine.

As corollary of the finals there was also the Legend Session, with Tony Hawks, Dave Duncan and Pat Duffy who showed how they still know how to do it. Tony at the end of the session launched the deck to the audience and the destiny landed it in the hands of my mates, the only 2 Italians in the stands! In ecstasy as a child I ran to them, recovered the deck and sprinted through the park to collect the autograph of Birdman!

You cannot understand the emotion I felt holding in my hands something that as a child I dreamed only to! Tony (and his game) were my first contact with freestyle, and that’s when I realized that I would dedicate my photography to these sports! Although as good friends we have divided the loot in 3 (will stay a month at home of everyone) I still think it was one of the coolest and at the same time absurd days of my “career”

In 2020 Simple Session will celebrate the 20 years, I know it’s a year away but start looking for flight offers, another park designed by Nate Wessel will wait for you, even more Hollywood parties and the show brought by the riders … the dates have already been announced, 8-9 February 2020 TALLINN, be there, we certainly will!